The Little Miss Straightbangs is Paula Bianca D. Batalla. She is a senior BA Organizational Communication student from the University of the Philippines Manila.

She used to be called Pau, Paupau, or simply Paula. However, as time progresses, her friends started to become bored with her name that they invented new nicknames–bebang, babe, lady gaga, and lady p–that would fit her bubbly and jovial personality.

Paula is  a member of three college organizations–Organizational Communication Society (ORCOMSOC), UP AdHere (an advertising organization), and her most-loved Junior Marketing Association-UP Manila (JMAUPM).

She considers herself to be a good student–grade conscious, even– in spite of the number of times that she opt for movie/TV series marathon instead of doing scholarly tasks. She promised her parents that she will graduate on time–and with latin honors.  Because of that, she gets all the support she needs such as frequent exemption from household tasks, financial favors, and delicious treats for her midnight snacks (which she eats while in front of the computer tweeting or reading a chick lit e-book). Due to this also, her two younger brothers often get annoyed with her. But being the kind sister that she is, she never forgets to share her blessings. Because SHARING IS CARING! 😛

She doesn’t consider herself as techie nor does she try to update herself with anything that has to do with technology. However, she would if it’s required and has to do with her school grades. As of the moment, her growing social network accounts are the closest she can get to being a techie. And she doesn’t even know if that counts.

Paula likes to browse entertainment websites–because she loves to make it her concern to know who’s-dating-who in Hollywood–and read online book reviews (that she considers as research).  She also loves to read mystery novels as much as she loves chick literature. She reads book by Brad Meltzer with the same giddiness as when she is reading books by Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, and Emily Giffin.

Her career aspirations would be working in the field of Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Events Management. She also wants to become a lawyer someday–probably after passing the Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) and getting into law school. Apart from that, Paula aspires to become a diplomat to some small country like Prague. She also intends to become a successful entrepreneur either in the garments or food industry. Recently, she also expressed her interest in writing a chick literature as she enjoys reading them so much.

Paula obviously has a lot of things going on for her. However, considering that all she wanted when she was a child was to be a bird–yes, as in the Avian species of Kingdom Animalia–this (or more like THESE) is already a remarkable improvement.

P. S.

She is ALWAYS online. To know more about her, you may visit the following accounts:

Twix For My Fix Tumblelog | Twix For My Fix Personal Blog | Twix For My Fix Multiply | Carte Blanche | LinkedInTwitter | Facebook | Book Shelf | LookletEmail

P. P. S.

If you have any questions (no matter how random it may seem), she would be happy to hear from you HERE.


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